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Peas are one of the most popular legumes among Germans. With their high protein content, they provide the body with valuable proteins. To be able to harvest a bountiful crop of peas from your own garden as early as June, you should grow peas in advance. This gives them a head start on growth, which pays off later. The Soil Digger will give you tips that you can easily use to preplant your peas.

Peas advance – preparations

The right time to grow peas in advance is the end of February, beginning of March. First of all, you should boil chamomile tea. But not for yourself, but for the peas that you want to prefer. Not only for plant seeds chamomile tea has beneficial effects. What health-promoting properties chamomile has, you can read, for example, at Gesundheitsstadt Berlin. Allow the tea to cool until it is only lukewarm. Then add the peas and leave to soak for a few hours (overnight, for example). Meanwhile, prepare a planting tray*. In the bottom of the bowl must be holes to drain excess water. At the bottom of the tray is a drainage layer, for example, expanded clay balls* or gravel. Over it a layer of growing soil* and the cold frame is ready. Alternatively, of course, you can use an indoor greenhouse*. Now evenly distribute the pre-swollen peas on the tray and cover them with soil about one centimeter. Moisten properly and cover with cling film – then it’s time to wait.

Peas advance is fun and satisfying.

The Soil Digger says about pea preplanting:

And if the lead is still so small, it brings in more than none.

After a few days, the first seedlings should have freed themselves from their shells and broken through the surface of the soil. Now is the right time to remove the cover over the potting plate* or the seed tray to prevent mold from growing.

Preplant peas - seedlings
Tasty peas advance can anyone

Prefer peas – the next step

When the peas look out of the ground and have formed the first leaves, they can already be planted outside. This should be the case after one to two weeks. Unlike beans, sown peas can withstand even light frost.

Planting peas in double rows

Plant the peas in double rows about 40 cm apart, within the row just under ten centimeters, and water them regularly. If you’ve done everything right (and you can’t get that much wrong), it will be worth your while to preplant the peas and you’ll soon be able to reap a bountiful harvest.

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